Winter kayaking on the Southern Oregon Coast

Winter kayaking on the Southern Oregon Coast

Winter Kayaking on the southern Oregon Coast is a better prospect than you might think.  There are many days when mother nature calms down and rests before ramping back up into the storm watching paradise that the Oregon coast is already known for.

Kayaking on the Banana Belt coastline of Oregon during winter serves up many a 60 plus degree day with sunny skies mixed with intermittent cloudy spells.

If the rivers are roaring, then a boat basin paddle can be a fun alternative to braving the open ocean swells and wind.  There are also those calm days in December when the crisp, clean ocean conditions beckon the hardy paddler out into the Pacific.  On the south coast we are blessed with some far reaching and tall headlands that block the angrier weather so you can still enjoy the amazing ocean paddle without the gnarly ocean waves of unprotected areas.


The ocean fishing for Ling Cod and Cabezon also heats up later in winter when the ocean lays down for a day or two.  The crab also are in high numbers waiting for a baited pot to be dropped nearby.  There are also many a seal ranging from the elderly to newborns utilizing the protection of the coves and headlands.  When viewed from afar those young pups are pretty darn cute!  As the spring comes along those same young pups become more and more curious sometimes swimming under the kayaks to check us out.

There are many days of winter kayaking on the south coast.  Sign up for the South Coast Tours *Weather Alert* for notifications of nice weather windows for ocean kayaking.  Check out this video showing some nice winter kayaking conditions on the south coast of Oregon:


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