The Arches Tour

The Arches Tour

Springtime is here and the ocean paddling conditions have been improving. SCT has conducted a bunch of spring tours and the season is only just beginning. Last week an adventurous couple from Delaware wanted to go paddling and the conditions were just right for the rare Arches Tour.

We launched from Whaleshead State Park in the morning and turned our boats north into a very light northerly breeze.  This tour delivers amazing rock formations, waterfalls, secluded coves, paddle through arches, kelp beds, views of the tallest bridge in Oregon and spruce covered islands. All of these facets are great for photography and offer awesome birding opportunity. This day we saw Black Oyster Catchers, Pigeon Guillemots, Osprey, Brown Pelicans, Cormorants, Common Murres and more as well as some whale sitings.  A few curious harbor seals also monitored our progress while they fished for morning snacks.

We paddled as far north as what the locals call Secret Beach which is approximately 4.5 miles of amazing cove and arch exploration. After a break to rest and stretch our rears we began the paddle back making sure to check out every nook and cranny.  The same whale was still foraging around the iconic Thomas Creek Bridge which is pretty stunning to witness from the water.

My clients utilized the tandem kayak which enabled one to paddle while the other took pictures and they were able to cover some serious water as the tandem is very stable and plenty fast. These great paddlers have been all over the world kayaking and have rarely been in such a visually stunning ocean scape as the Arches Territory of the southern Oregon coast. All in all we covered about 9 miles of truly amazing ocean kayaking in about 4 hours.

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