South Coast Tours believes in the conservation of our natural resources so that we and the future generations can enjoy them for the long haul. One way to do that in the ocean is with marine reserves and protected areas.

The main purpose of the Oregon system of reserves and protected areas is to protect bio-diversity and habitat. As an extra bonus, SCT believes Oregon will eventually see a higher abundance of marine organisms, larger and more diverse organisms and a higher reproductive output at Redfish Rocks. We are already learning a lot from the mandated science that is happening in the new Oregon reserves.

The community of Port Orford came together to propose and implement this reserve site just offshore of Port Orford. Many stakeholders were engaged, from Fishermen to conservationists. It’s the fishermen who stand to gain the most from this designation, but they are also giving up some good fishing grounds. Big kudos to all those folks that have worked on this and to those who are continuing to make the Redfish Rocks Marine Research Reserve and Protected area the best site in all of Oregon.

SCT guide Dave Lacey is on the Executive Committee of the Redfish Rocks Community Team and sits on the Outreach and Education working group.  Dave volunteers his time whenever he can to assist Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Fishtrackers Tom Calvanese when they need some extra hands doing research at the Redfish Rocks site.  SCT guide Tyson Rasor is the coordinator for the team and lives in Port Orford overlooking the reserve.

Dave is also the Hunter Creek River Steward for the Native Fish Society.  NFS is a waders in the creek conservation organization dedicated to the restoration of native and wild salmonids in our northwest watersheds. 

Check out his Hunter Creek page at:

Team Fishtracker
It’s nice to be out on the water at Redfish Rocks
Pulling acoustic receivers, downloading data, changing batteries, cleaning off the many barnacles and re-setting the receiver back in the ocean at the exactly right spot all in 5-10 minutes each
The Eagle3, a local commercial fishing vessel used for research at Redfish Rocks. PO legendary Captain Jeff Miles also donates some boat time
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